Hellloooo Fall Retreaters!!

The retreat is finally here! I wanted to touch base with you on packing list and last minute information you might need. Please let me know if you have any questions.

RIDES: We will meet at church Friday at 4pm. IF YOU NEED A RIDE FROM CAMPUS TO CHURCH, we have a number of students who will be ready to help. Please meet at Peacock
circle at 3:45pm. **If you plan to arrive at camp later, please let me know! My number is 828-803-1177. We've got an even number of folks who need a ride and drivers -- so we'll divide out rides when we gather at church on Friday, Oct. 30.

CHECK-IN: We'll meet in the Atrium to get checked in and pray together. If you plan to leave your car at church over the weekend, please park in the back parking lot (Lot E) farthest from the entrances so folks can use closer spots for first service on Sunday. Sunday morning we'll travel back to Alliance to attend the 2nd service together.

MEDICAL FORMS: Everyone will need to fill out a medical release form for TVR (even if you don't do any activities). Also, don't forget that TVR will have a few medical protocols in place when we arrive. Temp checks and a quick questionnaire to ensure that we aren't coming to camp with symptoms.

PACKING: Check out the WHAT TO BRING list from TVR. It’s a PDF on the Welcome Mat and it’ll be sent out in an email this week.

ROOMING: Due to Covid being a factor this semester, I'll be pairing folks together in smaller sized groups than usual for rooming. I'll do my best with the rooming assignments - be flexible and ready to potentially enjoy some new friendships :)

SCHEDULE: We'll keep it relaxed, so prepare to enjoy yourself and make some good friends. We'll get to TVR around 5:30-6pm and unpack in the rooms. We'll eat dinner at 7:00 (TVR has really good food!!). We'll hold our first session at 8:00. In the evenings, we'll have some free
time to hang out in the gym, coffee shop, around a bonfire or on a hayride. Saturday will be full -- late breakfast, quiet time, session [2], lunch, and then an afternoon of fun activities. Saturday evening will look a lot like Friday evening. Sunday we'll pack up, enjoy a light breakfast, and head back to church for 2nd service.


**Don't forget a mask!! These will be in play all weekend long!!


**You'll be in two groups of 25 per ASU regulations. Group A will meet for meals and sessions together and Group B will meet for meals and sessions together.


Questions: Do you have any? Did I forget anything? Are you ready?
Excited to be with you all!!
Josh Hayes